We believe that creativity is our greatest human asset and something we all possess, regardless of age, vocation, or artistic ability. At re:collect, we’re on a mission to augment human creativity by building digital tools for thought that work with our minds, not against them. We’re aiming to establish a new kind of productivity, one that gives our customers more control over their mental state and brings their materials for creation to a surface where they can experiment and manipulate them without the added overhead and distraction of features like search and storage.

Creativity is our greatest human asset.

Right now, we’re building a bridge to your ‘digital mind’ that moves beyond physical models of knowledge management (filing cabinets) and instead leverages machine learning (AI) and models of human memory to automatically bring your connected information to you when you’re ready to create with it. This will enable knowledge creators to spend less time and energy storing and retrieving information and instead spend more time working with it. As we build, we’re also thinking deeply about how we can create an even stronger bridge between humans and their digital minds by integrating wearable technology (and the resulting data) to help people get into and stay in mental states that are conducive to better creation.


Our initial product is focused on supporting knowledge creators, starting with newsletter writers, then other content creators before eventually supporting anyone who’s frequently synthesizing and communicating their ideas. We believe that language is an excellent avenue for both ingesting other people’s ideas and sharing one’s own (even our own notes are a way to collaborate with our future selves). Written language is also a tricky material to work with, especially on digital devices, because it takes time and mental energy to read (whereas processing internal thoughts seems effortless) and it’s not immediately obvious how one’s ideas might fit together when they exist as disconnected bits of text on a flat 2-dimensional plane. With that limitation in mind we’re focused on creating ways to not only effortlessly retrieve relevant and connected information but also visualize that information at varying levels of abstraction and in different digital and augmented reality spaces.

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